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Oriental Rug Cleaning Napa, CA

If you are located in the Napa area and looking for Oriental Rug cleaning then you have come to the right place.

For cleaning Oriental rugs you have to be very careful. If you are located in the Napa area and looking for Oriental Rug cleaning then you have come to the right place. Rug Cleaning Napa has been in the Rug cleaning business for over 40 years and we are the best at what we do.

Rug Cleaning Napa provides superior service to all of our clients. If you have any questions about cleaning your oriental rug then give us call today to find out how to properly take care of your rug.

The best way to keep your oriental rug clean is to not get it dirty to begin with. If you have high traffic areas through your house and an oriental rug is in that high traffic location, then move it.

How dirty is your oriental rug?

The first thing you can do to tell if your oriental rug is dirty is to pick up the corner and lift the rug up. Once you have the rug lifted about 2 and a half feet off the ground, give it a sharp kick. If you see dust and dirt fly off the rug then you need rug cleaning.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental rugs are usually used to increase the décor of any room in the house. You can use oriental rugs in the living room, in the bedroom, hang them from the walls or virtually any way you like, and they are going to add a chic, Middle Eastern Outlook to your home. The good thing about using these oriental rugs is that they are not exactly similar to the standard rugs that you find in the market. For people who do not know, oriental rugs are made from a finer quality of fiber, since they are not primarily used for treading purposes. However, with the passage of time, these rugs tend to get stained, and require cleaning. Since the fiber is very fine, you can’t exactly wash it with detergent, which is why professional help is required.

At Navajo Rug Cleaning Company, we make use of only the most professional methods of cleaning in order to make sure that your rugs are cleaned without any damage to them. Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has been providing rug cleaning services to the residents of Napa, CA for over a decade, and has managed to garner a very positive reputation for ourselves. The reason why Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has become so popular amongst the residents of Napa, CA is just because we provide the finest quality of cleaning services at the most affordable of rates.

We make use of professional vacuum cleaning methods in order to make sure that any dust or soil that gets deposited in your oriental rug. Navajo Rug Cleaning Company knows that the standard rug cleaning methods aren’t worth it, since they will just end up spoiling the outlook and fibers of your rugs. Therefore, we make use of professional vacuum cleaners which are designed to only extract the dust and soil from your rugs. We know that over time, these deposits of dust tend to get harder, and as a result, we make use of delicate chemicals which are able to get the dust and soil out perfectly.

Having been in the rug cleaning business for a considerably long period of time, Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has been able to try and test out its methods, and perfect them so that you get the very best carpet cleaning services in the area of Napa, CA. Many companies out there just say that they provide ‘dry cleaning’, but it actually isn’t dry cleaning at all, since they make use of cleansers and a mixture of water and vinegar. However, at Navajo Rug Cleaning Company, we provide a pure dry cleaning method, using chemicals in order to extract the stains out, before rapidly cleaning the surface, which results in zero damage to your oriental rug, and then we can even dry it to make sure that the rug looks much fresher and cleaner than ever before. For the residents of Napa, CA, we provide some top level discounts that are sure to make your life much easier! 

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