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Area Rug Cleaning Napa, CA

At Rug Cleaning Napa we offer a wide variety of rug cleaning services

Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has been providing rug cleaning services in Napa, Ca for the best part of over a decade; we have mastered the art of rug cleaning, and are now able to clean even the toughest of stains of your area rugs without much of a problem. Area rugs play a huge part in the outlook of any room where they are used in. You can use these area rugs in your living room, office, work place or virtually anywhere that you would like to. Since they usually end up becoming the central attraction in any room, cleaning these area rugs is of the utmost importance.

Most of the companies that provide rug cleaning services generally make use of flawed methods, which might clean the rug itself, but will permanently damage the fiber on the rug. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure that you choose a company that actually knows how to clean rugs, and makes use of the proper methods in order to get it done.

Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has been in the field for around a decade, and we now provide a whole host of cleaning methods to our clients in Napa, CA. The good thing about our services is that we actually provide you with the ‘dry’ cleaning methods that you want. For instance, when we receive your rugs for cleaning, we don’t use vacuums and other conventional methods of cleaning. Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has its own line of professional cleaning chemicals, which we apply to your rugs in order to bring out the stains. These stains get hardened because of the chemicals, making them easier to remove. For the people of Napa, CA, Navajo Rug Cleaning Company is one of the best choices when it comes to carpet cleaning. Our unparalleled methods of cleaning have been widely accepted throughout, and unlike many other carpet cleaning companies, the best thing about choosing us that we do not damage your rugs or carpets.

If you are looking for area rug cleaning services, we are the number one choice for you. Navajo Rug Cleaning Company is famous for their area rug cleaning, oriental rug cleaning and various other types of rug cleaning services. Since we have only the most professional of cleaners at our disposal, we are able to assess the fiber of the rug brought to us by clients from all over Napa, CA, which gives us complete knowledge of how to clean the rug.

Since we have been cleaning a variety of different kinds of rugs for quite a while, we have been able to perfect our methods of cleaning, and are clean your rugs using the finest methods of cleaning, which do not even harm the fibers of your rugs at all. Navajo Rug Cleaning Company has a reputation to protect, since it has been serving people in Napa, CA for quite some time, and hence, you can be sure that we will not disappoint you at all!

How to clean your area rug

How to clean your rug? You want to start out by Vacuuming the large parts mof the area rug first. If you vacuum them regularly they will not get as dirty.

Brush out any pet hair that may be lodged in the area rug after you finish vacuuming. The pet hair in area rugs is oine of the biggest problems we will with deteriating the rug faster and decreasing the overall life of the rug. Sometimes A vacuum will sometimes leave pet hair on the area rug. Use a stiff brush to remove the hair, brushing in the direction of the nap of the rug. At Rug Cleaning Napa we offer a wide variety of rug cleaning services. We only use the most certified methods of cleaning rugs. There are many different type of rugs that you may have and there is a certain way to clean each and every one of them. We have serviced the Napa area for years and we understand how important it is to you to have your rugs clean. All of our technicians have gone through a process to get certified in area rug cleaning. We can clean wool Rugs, Oriental rugs, Persoian Rugs and more! Persian rug cleaning requires skill and not your everyday carpet cleaner can accompliosh this task in a professional manner.

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