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A beautiful Rug is the epitome of interior decorating style for many homeowners in the Petaluma area. With its bright colors and intricate patterns, a high quality rug is a great decorating asset in any home. However, what few rug owners realize is that their Area Rug Cleaning, service is just as important, if not more so, to the appearance of their rug as the rug itself was when they originally bought it.

If your rug is becoming discolored, faded, stained and even threadbare, contact the rug cleaning experts at Napa Valley Rug servicing Petaluma. With the highest quality services in the Petaluma area, the Rug Cleaning experts at Napa Valley Rug are here to take care of all your Area Rug Cleaning needs, at a reasonable price.

Professional Area Rug Cleaning services in Petaluma

Many people are not aware that dirt, deep down in the fibers of their rug is the reason why their beautiful rug is becoming threadbare. Instead, they think this is occurring simply because of family and guests walking on their Rug. As long as the rug does not smell bad or have obvious stains, the common belief is that vacuuming a rug is sufficient to keep it clean. The only reason many people have professional Area Rug Cleaning services is because of odors or stains. However, the truth is that the wearing out of a beautiful Rug actually happens as a result of dirt. In fact, if a rug begins getting threadbare, this is a sure sign that it has large amounts of dirt in it, deep down.

Over time, this residue builds up and causes your rug to be discolored, as well as allowing the grit to remain and continue to wear away your Area Rug from the bottom up. This is why you should stay away from do it yourself Rug cleaning shampooing or cheap rug cleaning services. Call us today at Napa Valley Rug serving Rug Cleaning services in Petaluma and we will clean your rugs the right way!

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