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Area Rug Cleaning Marin

If you are located in the Marin area, trust Napa Valley Rug for all your rug cleaning

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If you have a Persian, Oriental, Area, Wool, or Antique Rug, it is very important to hire the professionals at Napa Valley Rug to get the job right the first time.

Dirt and grime in your rugs will quickly spoil its beauty, wear it down and create threadbare spots. Eventually, the colors in the rug will also fade and become muddy as a result of the dirt that is deep down in the rug. Even if you vacuum your rug every day, it will not be completely clean unless you have it professionally cleaned by the Area Rug Cleaning professionals at Napa Valley Rug, servicing Marin. Shampooing, too, is insufficient to get the dirt out of your rug, because it does not rinse clean and leaves a grimy residue deep down in the fibers of your rug. This is why it is so important to have your rug cleaned by the Area Rug Cleaning experts servicing Marin.

Trust the Professionals for all your Rug Cleaning Needs!

You may find lots of tips and tricks about how to clean your Area Rug yourself but none of these are really going to get your rug thoroughly clean without risking damage to the fibers of the rug, or possibly messing up the dyes. Any cleaning chemicals you can buy in the store, and especially any do it yourself rug cleaner recipes you might find online, may be very dangerous to your rug dyes (depending on the type or style of your specific rug). It is best not to take a chance like this on your rug.

Our customers’ testimonials speak for themselves about the quality of Rug Cleaning you can expect from Napa Valley Rug specializing in Rug Cleaning for Marin. If you are looking for the best Area Rug Cleaning professionals  you have come to the right place at Napa Valley Rug servicing Marin.

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