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Area Rug Cleaning services in Sonoma, Trust Napa Valley Rug

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Many people in the Sonoma, CA area trust the professionals at Rug Cleaning Sonoma with their rug cleaning needs for good reason: our experts at Rug Cleaning Sonoma are simply the best around, and we will make sure your rug gets completely clean without risk of damage. Rug Cleaning is a delicate operation, because it is essential to get all the dirt out for the longevity of your rug, but it is also important to use the mildest detergents that will work to get all the dirt out, and not to risk discoloring or fading the rug. Persian rugs and oriental rugs are major investments and can be quite costly. It is therefore important to keep your Persian rug or Oriental rug in perfect condition so that you will be able to enjoy your beautiful rug for years to come.

Not all Sonoma Rug Cleaning services are created equal

Many rug owners in the Sonoma area are not aware that not all Rug Cleaning services are created equal. The reason that shampooing is insufficient to take care of your Area Rug Cleaning needs is that rug shampoo machines do not get the dirt that is deep down in the rug, and they do not rinse the soap out all the way. This leaves soap scum and grime in the deep layers of your rug, even though the top layers look clean and bright. Over time, shampooing your rug instead of having a proper Area Rug Cleaning service done will cause your rug to wear down and become dull, while having professional Area Rug cleaning done will extend the life of your rug and keep the colors looking bright and the fibers soft for years to come.

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